< Sara Pedersen will present details on current foot trimming practices and future research areas to target

The dairy Phd presentation, supported by AHDB Dairy, at January's conference will be presented by Sara Pedersen MRCVS on Routine Cattle Foot Trimming: Current Practices and Future Research Areas

Routine foot trimming is an integral part of lameness management on many farms, yet there remains little evidence base behind how and when we trim cows’ feet. This paper presents the results of a farmer consultation on current foot trimming practices and future research areas to target, which forms the initial part of a wider project on the subject of routine cattle foot trimming. 

Sara graduated from the Royal Veterinary College in 2005 and has worked with farm animals ever since. Her interest in cattle mobility and lameness began early into her career and four years ago she left farm animal practice to focus solely on the delivery of educational programmes and consultancy services to agri-businesses on the subject of lameness; including farmers, national organisations and commercial companies. Realising the need for a more evidence-based approach to preventive cattle foot trimming, she began a PhD on this subject with the University of Nottingham in 2017.

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