British Cattle Breeders Club Conference 21-23 January 2019

Building the Brand to Promote our Uniqueness

'Building the Brand to Promote our Uniqueness' was the theme chosen for the recent British Cattle Breeders Club Conference which was held at the Telford Hotel & Golf Resort, Shropshire from 21-23 January 2019.

The conference focused on ensuring the resilience of the British beef and dairy industries in a changing market environment through effective branding and promotion of its products as unique and valuable.

The 2019 Conference Chair, Anya Westland, was instrumental in helping choose the conference theme and explains why it is so relevant: “The conference focused on the new world that is evolving in our industry and how we can develop, defend, protect and brand our uniqueness”

“Continuing to evolve and strengthen co-operation, as well as promoting our brand, will be vitally important in light of increasing pressure on the livestock industry from recent negative campaigns via social media and other channels,” Anya adds. “As we look to the future we must continue to focus positive attention on a cattle breeding industry that not only strives for high levels of animal health, welfare and production efficiency but also aims to deliver high quality and nutritious animal protein products.”

With grateful thanks to all of our sponsors, Clarifide, Zoetis, AHDB, Dairymaster, Mole Valley Farmers, MSD Animal Health, Waitrose Farming Partnership, AbacusBio Int Ltd, ABP UK, AlphaGenes University Edinburgh, British Limousin Cattle Society, Caisley Eartag Ltd,  Dovecote Park, Egenes, ForFarmers, Hectare Agritech, Hereford Cattle Society, Irish Cattle Breeding Federation, Neogen Europe, Shepherd Publishing & SRUC

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