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Added Value From Beef Genetics Clear-Cut
Speaking at the 70th British Cattle Breeders Conference in Telford on Tuesday 23rd January, the British Limousin Cattle Society’s (BLCS) Technical Manager Alison Glasgow demonstrated how the breed is delivering opportunities for UK producers to trap additional income from the genetics of their cattle. Her presentation ‘Adding Value to the Supply Chain’ clearly set out how the exploitation of adde...
9th February 2018
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Viking Genetics Head of Breeding, Lars Nielsen & Yorkshire dairy farmer, Roger Hildreth on Health, Welfare, Production & Profitability
The third day of the British Cattle Breeders Club’s annual British Cattle Conference for 2018 saw a Scandinavian cattle breeding company representative claim that maximum production could go hand-in-hand with high health and welfare, while a Yorkshire-based dairy farmer described how he achieved top profitability figures.  Lars Nielsen, of Viking Genetics artificial insemination company, said a j...
2nd February 2018
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Dr Matthew Cleveland, Genus ABS and Andrew Ward MBE, Forage Aid Founder, informed and inspired delegates at the 70th Anniversary Conference
The second day of the British Cattle Breeders Club’s annual British Cattle Conference for 2018 saw Dr Matthew Cleveland fly in from the USA, to give a presentation on maximising profits through improved beef genetics, while grower, Andrew Ward, urged farmers to get involved in public relations.  The Conference also saw the launch of new indexes for dairy cattle, with the 22-24 January event at Tel...
26th January 2018
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Breeding Strategies Post 2020
World leaders in the field of cattle genetics gave an overview of the latest technological developments on the first day of the British Cattle Breeders Club’s annual British Cattle Breeders Conference this year. The 22-24 January event at Telford in Shropshire marks the BCBC’s 70th anniversary and carries the theme of ‘Farming and Genetics – Let’s Inspire the Next Generation.’ AHDB’s head of anim...
25th January 2018
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Sara Pedersen will present details on current foot trimming practices and future research areas to target
The dairy Phd presentation, supported by AHDB Dairy, at January's conference will be presented by Sara Pedersen MRCVS on Routine Cattle Foot Trimming: Current Practices and Future Research Areas Routine foot trimming is an integral part of lameness management on many farms, yet there remains little evidence base behind how and when we trim cows’ feet. This paper presents the results of a farmer c...
29th December 2017
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Hannah Shaw will present details on 'The control of cryptosporidiosis in calves' at January's conference
The PhD presentation on Tuesday 23rd January, supported by AHDB Beef and Lamb, will be presented by Hannah Shaw on Cryptosporidiosis in calves; effect on calf growth and use of disinfectants. Cryptosporidiosis, caused by the parasite C. parvum, is a common disease of pre-weaned calves. The potential long-term production effects of this parasite are currently unknown and this work aimed to address...
15th December 2017
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British Farming Awards Winner – Matthew Jackson, Speaker at January's Conference
Inspirational young dairy farmer Matthew Jackson, from North Wales, certainly fits within the conference theme of 'Farming & Genetics, let's inspire the next generation'.  He was recently announced Winner of the New Entrant Award - Against All Odds, at the British Farming Awards and will be speaking at the British Cattle Breeders Conference in Telford on 22-24 January. Matthew will present to th...
27th October 2017
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BCBC will be attending UK Dairy Day
The British Cattle Breeders Club will be attending UK Dairy Day on Wednesday 13th September with a stand in the Sharing Knowledge Zone.  Come along for a chat and find out more about the British Cattle Breeders Club and our Annual Conference and pick up your copy of the 2018 conference programme. Keynote speakers attending January's conference over the 21/2 days will include, Prof. John Dupre, Da...
11th September 2017
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British Cattle Breeders Conference 2018 Sponsorship Packages
This year’s Chairman, Andy Dodd, is keen to continue and celebrate the successes of recent conferences which have seen some of the highest attendances within the club’s history.  The club will reach an important milestone in celebrating its 70th anniversary since its first meeting in Cambridge in 1948.  The club wishes to celebrate this special occasion during the 2018 conference and hope that you...
28th August 2017
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Cattle Breeder Spring Newsletter 2017
The Cattle Breeder magazine Spring issue includes coverage of the British Cattle Conference held earlier this year, at Telford, Shropshire. The full newsletter reviews some of the speakers who presented papers to the delegates in January.  Practical Innovation - Today's Challenges for Tomorrows Generation was the theme chosen by the conference chairman Iain Kerr.  Smart farming and how it can hel...
11th June 2017
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Geneticist Dr Alison Van Eenennaam gives an insight to Gene Editing
Dr Alison Van Eenennaam, of the University of California, described how animal breeders have used a variety of methods in selective breeding programmes, to genetically improve food animal species. The concept includes the use of both genetic engineering and genome editing, although no animals produced using these methods have entered the food chain to date, she stressed. “Gene editing refers to a...
17th February 2017
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Jerry Wulf & Meilir Jones focus on the use of technology in beef production
Two of the speakers on beef day at the recent British Cattle Breeders Conference were Jerry Wulf, of Wulf Cattle, a breeder based in Minnesota USA and Welsh cattle producer Meilir Jones, a former Farmers Weekly ‘Beef Farmer of the Year’ award winner. Jerry Wulf’s presentation entitled “Advanced Technology in the Beef Supply Chain.” focused on the use of technology in beef cattle production.  He o...
17th February 2017
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Dr Maurice Bichard stands down as BCBC President after completing six year term
The 2017 conference marked the occasion of the BCBC presidential handover, with Dr Maurice Bichard completing his six-year term and handing over to Professor Mike Coffey, of the SRUC (Scotland’s Rural College). Dr Bichard an industry stalwart and former director of the Pig Improvement Company, said: “Professor Coffey is driven and passionate about all aspects of livestock breeding, while retaini...
31st January 2017
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Agricultural Technologies kicked off BCBC Conference, with CIEL, Agrimetrics and Agri-EPI
Delegates urged speakers from the new innovation centres set up to promote innovation in agriculture to maintain their focus on grassroots farming, at the beef workshop which kicked off the annual British Cattle Breeders Club (BCBC) Cattle Conference on Monday (23 January). Dr Mark Young of the Centre for Innovation in Livestock (CIEL) explained that the organisation had been set up to equip the ...
26th January 2017
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Fern Pearston will present Lameness evaluations of the UK dairy industry at the British Cattle Breeders Conference
The PhD presentation on Wednesday 25th January, during dairy day, will be presented by Fern Pearston, looking at lameness evaluations for the UK dairy industry. Lameness has been recorded by Milk Recording Organisations (MRO) in the UK for a number of years, either as a feet problem event or lameness event.   A pilot study carried out by a PhD student on placement with AHDB Dairy in 2016 using da...
12th January 2017
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Exciting Line Up of Speakers Announced for 2017 Conference
The forthcoming British Cattle Breeders Club (BCBC) annual British Cattle Conference, will take place on January 23-25, 2017. ‘Practical Innovation – Today’s Challenges for Tomorrow’s Generation’ is the theme which has been chosen for 2017 by Conference chairman, Iain Kerr, who is also the chief executive of the British Limousin Society. The event, which is being held once again at the Telford Hot...
22nd December 2016
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Welcome to the 2017 Conference Programme from Chairman, Iain Kerr
Welcome to the 2017 British Cattle Breeders’ Conference (BCBC).    Since its inception some sixty eight years ago, the BCBC has become a unique event, renowned for its mix of practical, high quality speakers. With the future of cattle breeding at heart, it links a wide spectrum of farmers, scientists, students and industry influencers.  BCBC is a fantastic forum to kick off the New Year, challengi...
9th November 2016
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World’s First bTB-Resistant Bull Proofs Announced at British Cattle Conference
British Cattle Conference delegates were among the first to hear about the new genetic index for Holstein bulls, designed to allow producers to select bulls whose daughters have high levels of resistance to bTB. AHDB Dairy’s genetics expert, Marco Winters said the index was a world-first and the result of months of research, which had examined hundreds of thousands of cow records. The ‘TB Advanta...
22nd March 2016
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British Cattle Breeders’ Club enjoys a day in the sun
The annual British Cattle Breeders’ Club Farm Walks were held in the South Lakes on a fabulous day at the end of June. The lush grassland and superb stockmanship of the Park family’s dairy unit along with the Geldard family’s beef and sheep business put the spotlight on Cumbria’s reputation for exceptional cattle farming. Both farms participate in Stewardship schemes to enhance the environment, an...
3rd August 2015
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Meeting Market Demands Through Co-Operation
The annual British Cattle Conference has been declared a resounding success by delegates. Experts from all over the world gave presentations on this year’s conference theme; Meeting Market Demands Through Co-operation. Phil Hadley with Alice Willett 2015 poster competition winner The three-day event, which was held in the Midlands on 19-21 January, covered both dairy and beef production and welc...
22nd June 2015
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