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As the world’s leading animal health company, Zoetis exists to nurture our world and humankind by advancing care for animals. With 70+ years of experience innovating a leading portfolio and pipeline of medicines, vaccines, diagnostics, and technologies, we stand by those caring for animals by providing solutions worldwide.

CLARIFIDE® Plus is the comprehensive genomic test from Zoetis. By analysing the differences in an animal’s DNA we can provide predictions of performance, health, efficiency and more. CLARIFIDE Plus differs from other genomic tests by providing predictions on a variety of unique health traits. Alongside this CLARIFIDE Plus gives information about production & management traits as well as genetic conditions & inbreeding. All of this means you can make herd genetic improvements in all areas.

With a CLARIFIDE Plus evaluation your animals will receive a Dairy Wellness Profit (DWP) figure. This validated1 multi trait selection index gives an overall view as to how profitable a cow could be. It incorporates production, reproduction, health and type allowing you to make genetic improvement with simple breeding decisions.

Differences seen on CLARIFIDE Plus testing farms:

  • The best 25% of females ranked on DWP represented £1,326 additional income over feed costs per cow2
  • The best 25% of females ranked on DWP produced 9,000kgs more lifetime energy corrected milk per cow compared to the bottom 25%2
  • When ranked by Mastitis STA the bottom 25% of cows used 3 times more lactating cow intramammary antibiotics compared to the best 25%3
  • A difference in 42 days open from those ranked in the bottom 10% for fertility to those ranked in the top 10%. At an average cost of £4 per day that cow is open, this equates to £168 per head4

Find out more at https://www2.zoetis.co.uk/clarifide-plus/


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