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Do you want to confidently take control of your natural capital?

Then you need Sandy, the Smart Natural Capital Navigator from Trinity Agtech

What is Sandy?

Farmers, land owners and tenants across the UK and Europe are using Sandy to reliably measure and confidently navigate their farm’s natural capital.

An award-winning navigation software for measuring, managing and optimising all your natural capital. Sandy is the only next generation system which caters for all farming enterprises, including for pasture-based systems such as extensive grassland and peatlands.

ISO accredited and based on the latest science to create the industry’s most credible register of on-farm natural capital assets including biodiversity, carbon, agroforestry and water quality. Sandy is suitable for all farms, of all sizes, everywhere.

The inherent value of natural capital

Maintaining and enhancing natural capital is pivotal to a sustainable agricultural system and is something all farms can manage and profit from, without having to wait for ever-changing policy directives.

Building insights and refining a number of on-farm practices based on analysis can not only reduce costs and deliver efficiencies, it will have a direct impact on profitability, and also on a farm’s sustainability credentials.

Fundamentally, improving your farm’s natural capital metrics has an all-round positive impact. The challenge to date has been credibly and rigorously understanding the full breadth of this value and the options for all farm types and systems.

It’s not just about carbon

Not only can Sandy support farmers to navigate their natural capital, it also uniquely forecasts the impact of management changes on carbon and biodiversity metrics through scenario planning. It does so for every farm type, generating reliable statistics across all sectors, creating universal analytics which farmers can use to learn from one another.

Additionally, Sandy can measure and evidence a farm’s impact on water quality, through an enhanced water module that draws on more than 300 data points.  

The water protection module enables a precision approach to nitrogen applications through an advanced real-time alert system, reducing nitrate leaching and improving uptake efficiencies.

Taking control and understanding the true extent of the value that natural capital, end-to-end farm carbon, biodiversity, and water quality can offer farmers, should be the ambition for all and using Sandy, it can be a reality.

“Farmers should be rewarded for the work they are doing on-farm to produce food at the same time as improving biodiversity, soil health and multiple other outcomes. By using Sandy, we can use reliable analytics and evidence our practices to showcase what we’re doing on farm.”
— Craig Livingstone, Lockerley Estate. 

“We knew we were doing the right things on-farm, in terms of carbon and biodiversity, but how do you quantify that? We explored various options and Trinity AgTech had the best understanding of the practices we’d adopted and the most robust science and analytics in Sandy.”

— Michael Kavanagh, farm manager at Church Farm 

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