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Mole Valley Farmers is the UK’s leading agricultural supply and rural retailing business and we are proud to be a sponsor of the British Cattle Breeding Club’s Annual Conference 2023.

Founded in 1960 and still owned by farmers and trading with a cooperative ethos, Mole Valley Farmers works for the greater good of our farmer shareholders, helping them to improve their productivity, profitability and sustainability. This is underpinned by our industry-leading knowledge, investment in research and development, value for money products, high levels of service and efficient manufacturing sites.

As a British farmer-owned business, we take our role seriously in helping the agricultural industry reduce its environmental impact. We’ve developed our Climate Positive Agriculture initiative containing six pillars which are the focus of our work to help farmers lower their environmental footprint:

  1. Understanding and declaring the carbon footprint of our feeds
  2. Sourcing and sustainability of our feed materials
  3. Soils, fertiliser and forages
  4. Animal output of nitrogen and methane
  5. Animal management, health and welfare
  6. Farm carbon footprints and the promotion of British agriculture

For dairy farmers, heifers are the future of your dairy herd, but also a large expense and this investment needs to be protected and heifers managed to maximise their potential. Hitting a target age at first calving of 24 months has the potential to lower your feed costs, lower carbon footprint and have milk yield benefits*

  • Reduce heifer rearing feed costs by 20%
  • Reduce heifer rearing system carbon footprint by 20%
  • Generate extra £2000 milk value per heifer

Results from the latest Mole Valley Feed Solutions research trial at the University of Nottingham (part funded through CIEL) have highlighted that:

  • Supply of digestible undegradable protein (DUP) influenced the growth rate and hip height gain of heifers
  • Improved protein nutrition of the growing heifer can reduce age at first calving
  • The effect of the growing heifer on animal performance, farm carbon footprint and profitability is significant

As a result of the research a specific HEIFER range of compound feeds and minerals have been specially designed, with the objectives to support heifer growth and lower overall farm carbon footprint.

Whatever your farming system and whether you are dairy, beef or sheep, our experts, feed ranges, products and services are here to help you build profitable and sustainable businesses.

*Based on reducing age of first calving from 30 months to 24 months.

Web: molevalleyfeedsolutions.com

Email: feeds@molevalleyfarmers.com

Feature supplied by Mole Valley Farmers - BCBC would like to thank Mole Valley Farmers for their support of the 75th Annual Conference 2023