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At ABP, we work with thousands of farming families across the UK and understand the challenges and opportunities facing British Livestock farming in 2022. We’re proud of the partnerships we’ve built with our farmer suppliers and want to help them build sustainability businesses for the future.

To that end ABP have invested significantly in research and development, working with leading academic partners including Harper Adams University, where the Professor of Sustainable Beef Production Dr. Jude Capper is working on developing new processes and technologies to improve the environmental footprint of Beef farming.

We also have a dedicated research and development farm in Shropshire that is undertaking a number of trials on improving feed efficiency, grazing management systems and more, allowing us to test the academic thinking in a real world example and gather data on which initiatives give the best results.

Through our network of customer farming groups and regular farmer communications we can then share these learnings to try to develop Livestock Farming practices more widely, as well as through our new look farming portal launching in 2022.

The launch of this new look farming portal for ABP suppliers, enables 24 hours per day, 7 days per week access to supply history with ABP, in addition to health data that can improve farmer’s management of their own businesses.

For further information on how ABP is helping to develop the sustainability of Beef farming in the UK, or for more information on our new Livestock Portal, please contact your local Livestock team, or visit us at www.abpuk.com

We would like to thank ABP UK for their continued support of BCBC.

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