< Do you have a flair for design? BCBC is excited to announce rebrand project open to students and young people

BCBC Rebrand 2021

The Club believes that this is a great time to be in our industry and that we have so many opportunities yet to explore. BCBC last underwent a rebrand over ten years ago and the Club feels that it is extremely important to review branding periodically. With this in mind, we are looking for a keen and inspiring candidate who can give the BCBC brand a new, fresh, and exciting look, that appeals to all ages of our industry and keeps the values of the club at heart.

‘A Breath of Fresh Air’ is the theme chosen by the current Chair, Dr Karen Wonnacott, for the 2022 conference in January, and the committee would look at launching the rebrand at the event to the conference delegates. We feel that the Conference will be the perfect place to launch our fresh look and demonstrate that we are a progressive and forward-thinking Club. Our aim is to make the complexities of breeding and genetics accessible to all and to provide practical advice to positively influence the uptake of new technologies.

  • The Club feels that now is the right time for us to demonstrate our commitment to bridge new technology, research and development in cattle breeding and genetics and make it accessible to farmers and the wider industry.
  • We would like to position breeding at the forefront of peoples minds and encourage an emphasis on productivity, efficiency and reducing environmental impact.

What we are asking the candidate to deliver to BCBC:

  • A proposed new logo sketch/design incorporating the shortened club name ‘BCBC’ and the full Club name ‘British Cattle Breeders Club’
  • A tagline that encapsulates the Clubs’ core values and generates interest from the industry
  • Propose a new #, to be used at the annual conference (we currently use #BCBC21) for consideration by the Club Committee
  • There will be a free-text opportunity on the application form to highlight any suggestions to the Club that the candidate thinks may help to raise our profile, increase our membership and ensure we remain relevant in changing times

This is an exciting opportunity for a student or young person (aged 26 or under) working in, or with a keen interest in marketing, with a flair for design, to explore what BCBC has to offer. It would also be attractive to anyone who has an interest in cattle breeding and the advancement of genetics, although this is not essential.

We would prefer that if a stylised cow was suggested, please avoid a specific breed as we would not want to show preference towards one breed over another.

The Prize

BCBC will award the successful candidate with:

  • One year’s free membership of BCBC worth £45
  • A free delegate day place to attend the 2022 conference
  • Monetary prize of £250
  • The successful candidates work will be acknowledged during the conference by means agreeable by all parties.

The successful candidate will be able to use the research, design and execution of the rebrand within their portfolio/CV and course project, as appropriate.

How to apply

Please complete the entry form and forward your proposed logo artwork to the secretary Heidi Bradbury by email to heidi.bradbury@cattlebreeders.org.uk

Deadline for applications: 12 noon Friday 9th July 2021.

Shortly after this date we will select 3 applicants to go through to the next stage, where they will be required to submit the proposed logo in high resolution formats (PNG and JPEG formats) to enable the winning logo to be used in various formats.

The Deadline for the 2nd Stage: 12 noon Friday 17th September 2021.

Further details available here or please contact the secretary.