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“We exist to benefit our farmers, our agri-food industry and our wider communities through genetic gain. We do this by developing and applying science and technology to ensure that our farmers and industry make the most profitable and sustainable decisions”.

ICBF are a growing organisation of around 90 employees spread across 8 teams that cover everything from genetic evaluations and farmer support to software development and finance. Our vision in ICBF is to empower sustainable farming through collaboration and excellence in genetics and big data solutions. Presently, we have the largest beef genomics database globally and were the second country to launch dairy genomics.

For more information on our story, check out this video which goes through the last 20 years of ICBF. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nt9kbSjSCY4

We at ICBF find ourselves in a unique position as we maintain the national database for which all data is held on bovine animals in Ireland. The flow of data to and from this national database can be seen below. Ultimately, the data is gathered from a variety of sources within the industry and is then used to produce information for farmers and industry partners. This leads to profitable and sustainable decision making at farm level.