< Sponsors Feature 2020 - ABP

ABP is a leading consumer food business delivering quality beef products to our retail, foodservice and manufacturing customers.

At ABP, we are committed to supporting British agriculture and work with over 12,000 farming families across the UK each year.

We are passionate about helping farmers meet the demands of consumers to produce high quality British beef by maintaining high animal welfare and an efficient, sustainable production system.

We believe that through innovation, farmers have greater control and understanding within their businesses. 

We pride ourselves on our BestInClass agricultural policy and are determined to drive continuous improvement in how we work with our farmers.

It’s a sharing of information and expertise that not only helps to deliver better quality meat, but also to maximise efficiency and to meet our key sustainability targets.

We work to procure all livestock direct from our farms without intermediaries adding cost and we always pay on the day of delivery.

This way we can maintain efficiencies, never compromise on animal welfare and ensure that everyone in the supply chain is properly rewarded for their efforts. 

We are proud to continue our support as a long-standing sponsor of the British Cattle Breeders Club and their annual conference. It’s important to have a platform to share and learn best practices and the BCBC Conference is a key industry forum for this exchange. 

“The BCBC conference is not only a great opportunity to network but also to share knowledge with other people who are passionate about the beef and dairy sectors and what we can all do to increase efficiencies and profitability whilst reducing our impact on the environment which is at the forefront of global consciousness.” – Richard Phelps. ABP UK Agriculture Director 

We look forward to the next virtual conference in 2021 - ‘Our breeding goals - Learn from the past to focus on the future’. At ABP, genetics and breeding has been a cornerstone of our Agriculture and Sustainability agenda for quite some time. Going back 10 years and more, we have looked to the science behind making our cattle more efficient - which we shared at the 2016 BCBC conference led by our guest speaker Dean Holroyd, ABP Group Technical and Sustainability Director, discussing “Improving Carcase Traits Using Genetics and Genomics in the Beef Sector.”  

Improvement never stops and we’re excited to hear about what is next for the future of cattle breeding. 

Together, we make the difference.

Feature supplied by ABP - BCBC would like to thank ABP for their support of the 2021 Virtual Conference