< 2019 BCBC Conference welcomes Dr Stephen Miller from the American Angus Association
Dr Stephen Miller

Dr Stephen Miller, Director of Genetic Research, Angus Genetics Inc (American Angus Association) will be speaking on ‘Genetic Advancements in American Angus’ at the BCBC Conference 2019.

The American Angus Association (of which AGI is part) has grown to be the world’s largest beef breed association. The key to this success is largely attributed to its breeder’s ability to produce the type of cattle in demand from the commercial beef industry. Dr Stephen Miller’s presentation will focus on how the adoption of genetic recording and performance technology has helped aid this process and the Angus breed’s success in America. 

Stephen has 25 years experience working with beef cattle, genomics and genetic technology. As part of his doctorate, Stephen was a visiting scientist at the Animal Genetics and Breeding Unit in Australia, where he worked on developments in multi-breed genetic evaluation systems before gaining a PhD from the University of Guelph where he served on faculty in beef cattle genetics for 14 years, culminating as Director of the Centre for the Genetic Improvement of Livestock there.  

Stephen took on his role as Director at Angus Genetics Inc (AGI) in 2016, following his previous position as Principal Scientist with AgReseach Ltd, in New Zealand. As part of work at AGI, Stephen is helping to lead research on economic modelling of beef production, developing genomic and genetic tools for both cattle breeders and commercial cattle producers, as well as guiding research priorities for the Angus breed.