In over 70 years of BCBC History, the club held its first ever virtual conference in January

Presentations from January's BCBC Virtual Conference are available to view.  Register here to view them, along with presentations from previous conferences

Our breeding goals - Learn from the past to focus on the futurewas the theme for the 2021 BCBC Virtual Conference, as chosen by the BCBC Chairman Clive Brown

Our January conference featured a fantastic mix of speakers from home and abroad, here our just a few of our keynote speakers who joined us...

We visited a warmer climate and heard from three farmer speakers 'down under' with Jonathan Wright on feed efficiency testing, Steve Binnie's Wagyu beef business and the findings of Rebecca Burnham's Australian Nuffield Scholarship on optimising beef selection. 

Professor Frank Mitloehner from the University of California gave a fantastic presentation explaining how by Rethinking Methane we can show how animal agriculture is on the path to climate neutrality, a presentation not to be missed and is available for everyone to view here.

Alison Van Eenennaam Ph.d, also from the University of California, gave us an insight ino 'Genome Editing' and how editing could be used to introduce beneficial alleles into cattle breeds and maintain, or even accelerate, the rate of genetic gain accomplished by conventional breeding programs.

Professor Albert De Vries from the University of Florida explained his findings as to why extending the average number of lactations to five is worthwhile, and Ryan Starkenburg of ABS Global looked at building on past foundations to assist us in creating the profitable cow of the future.

Closer to home we looked at the future trends and demands of the market place and the impact Covid-19 has had on these with AHDB's Steven Evans and Susie StannardPeter and Johnny Alvis of Lye Cross Farm, gave an insight into how understanding your customers needs is key to a successful operation and Peter Hynes focused on maximising genetic gain within his dairy herd in Co.Cork.

The online event was an outstanding success, and grateful thanks must go to all of our sponsors:  AHDB Beef & Lamb, ADF Milking, AHDB Dairy, Hereford Cattle Society, Dovecote Park, smaXtec, ABP, ICBF, AB Europe, Caisley Eartags, Crediton Milling Company, Eurofins Genomics, ForFarmers, Holstein UK, Lely, Neogen Europe, Viking Genetics & Wagyu Breeders Association.

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