January's British Cattle Breeders Club Conference

Tuesday's BCBC Club Dinner Q&A Panel Announced....

BCBC's Q&A Panel Session with industry professionals, Dr Jude Capper, Jon Foot and Tim Gue, discussing pertinent and important topics such as global warming, methane emissions, veganism and cowspiracy; an event not to be missed! 

  • What can we all do to promote our valuable industry?
  • Should we more actively engage with the vegan movement?
  • Are we just going through an ‘environmental fad-time’ and will this all pass?

Please tweet, facebook or email us relevant questions for the session and ensure that we get the most up-to-date views from the people that really know the facts. #BCBCQT #BCBCQuestionTime

2020 – Focusing on succession to build a sustainable future 

2020 - Focusing on succession to build a sustainable future is the theme chosen by Laurence Loxam the Chairman for the next British Cattle Breeders Club Conference which will be held at the Telford Hotel & Golf Resort, Shropshire from 20-22 January 2020.

Our aim for January's conference is to embrace the ‘sea change’ our industry is facing, and in this we are not alone. Climate change affects us all, but through succession, sustainability and leadership we can all play our part as we enter a new decade.

The conference speakers confirmed include Roddy McLean, Jude Capper, Martin Thatcher, Neil Eastham, Roel Veerkamp, Tim Byrne, Michelle Judge, Bart Lardner, Werner Brand and farmers Mike Powley, Ben Harman, Neale Sadler and Patrick Morris-Eyton. 

The full programme for the 2020 Conference is now available to view and the online booking facility is now open!

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